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CAUSION!!! Once you fall in love with Pizza & Fries there is no coming back guys. It is extremely difficult to get over it.

Here is our personal favorite category! Are you a pizza lover ? Or are you just too obsessed with fries ? Well this page is all about pizza & fries.
Yes! this is the perfect place for you. Get reviews on the best pizza, fries around or simply order here or just shop everything you need to make the perfect pizza & fries in your kitchen.

Hey Pizza Lovers!!

  • A simple combination of bread, sauce, cheese and toppings – the charm of pizza lies in its simplicity. Some like to enjoy minimalistic pleasures of a textured crust and stringy cheese, while for others, it is all about the toppings.
  • Pizzas brings a sense of togetherness. It is quickly becoming the favorite food to be shared among the friends (Though some people us don’t like to share it specially the last slice).
  • Pizzas originated in Naples in Italy. It arrived in the US with the Italian immigrants, where it became immensely popular.
  • Like burgers, pizzas are also a popular food item around the world. In India also pizzas are very popular, especially among the urban youth.
  • World famous pizza brands like Domino’s and Pizza Hut have already established a successful business empire in India

Some Extra Fries Facts!

  • To us personally Fries are much more than just a side dish!! Thin and crunchy, or thick and greasy, fries are a delight anytime of the day.
  • Whether it is a game or movie night, or just one of those nasty craving spells, a pack of fries sits right just about everywhere.
  • It would be a bit difficult to name the chef who actually cut the humble potato into thin long fingers the first time but the debate over the origin of French fries has continued for centuries among the countries of France and its neighbours to the north, more specifically Belgium.
  • Belgium claims that they introduced to the world the fried potato in the wake of a seasonal disturbance when the rivers froze and the people were forced to turn to potatoes for survival in the 1700s.
  • For the longest time, we have paired our fries with sauces and dips of all sorts, until the concept of loaded fries hit the Indian foodie scene.
  • As the name suggests, loaded fries are fries but with a whole lot of drama. A lot of restaurants and kiosks around your neighborhood must be selling loaded fries of all kinds. Also McDonalds being at top for its simply salted fries.
Parmesan French Fries at our food blog

Parmesan French Fries

Hot Crispy Fries, Shredded Parmesan Cheese, Cheesy Sauce & Tandoori Mayo as dips.

Chicken Tikka Pizza at our food blog

Chicken Tikka Pizza

Chicken Tikka cooked in Tandoor topped with Coriander, Green Chilli, Sliced Onion & Cheese.

Animal Fries at our food blog

Animal Style Fries

French Fries topped with Cheese, Caramelized Onion & Their own Secret Sauce.

Veg Burger Fries at our food blog

Veg Burger Fries

Fries topped with Deconstructed Veg Burger Patty, Onion, Tomato, Lettuce, Cheese Sauce.

Animal Fries - Yanna Rascla at our food blog

Animal Fries-Yanna Rascla

Crispy Fries sprinked with some Gun Powder and Mayonnaise.

Chicken Tikka Pizza at our food blog

Spicy Chicken Tikka Pizza

Cheese, Onion, Capsicum along with some Chicken Tikka on the top.

Home-Style French Fries - Sea Salt Dusted at our food blog

Homestyle French Fries-Sea Salt Dusted

Crispy, delicious fries dusted with some Sea Salt.

Four Cheese Pizza at our food blog

Four Cheese Pizza

Four different kinds of Cheese, Soft as well as Crisp and perfectly baked crust.

Pizza Pockets at our food blog

Pizza Pockets

Pizza in the shape of a pocket, served with Salsa & Cheese sauce.

Tandoori Paneer Pizza at our food blog

Tandoori Paneer Pizza

Spices Paneer, Onion, Green Capsicum, Red Paprika & Tomato in Tandoori Sauce in a Cheese Stuffed Crust.

House Fries at our food blog

House Fries

Homemade Fries served with Five Different Dips. The dips were amazing though.