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Homestyle Grilled Chicken at our food blog

Homestyle Grilled Chicken

Chicken Breast cooked in Red Wine served with Buttered Broccoli, Sauted Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes.

Butter Pav Bhaji at our food blog

Butter Pav Bhaji

Buttery Pav, Buttery Bhaji served with Onion and Coriander.

Kheema Pav at our food blog

Kheema Pav

Spicy Minced Lamb served topped with Coriander served with Buttered Pav, Delicious!!.

Mediterranean Chicken Platter at our food blog

Mediterranean Chicken Platter

Lemon-oregano marinated Chicken Breast Skewers with Hummus, Garlic Yogurt Dip, Greek Salad & choice of Pita Bread, couscous or French Fries.

Chicken Cheese Sizzler Momo at our food blog

Chicken Cheese Sizzler Momo

Half Steamed-Half Fried Chicken & Cheese Momo with some Shezwan Noodles, Manchurian Gravy.

Firangi Salad at our food blog

Firangi Salad

This place serves wonderful shawarmas & chicken salads. Loved the firangi salad where firangi stands for multiple sauces.

Murg Tandoori Ka Khazana - Kalimiri at our food blog

Murg Tandoori Ka Khazana (Kalimiri)

Tandoori Chicken Lollipop with Spices, Salad and Mint Chutney.

Chilli Cheese Chicken Momos (Steamed) & Cheese Peri Peri Momos (Fried) at our food blog

Chilli Cheese Chicken/Cheese Peri Peri Momos

The best kind of Momos we feel they serve, simply delicious.

Chicken Satay Sticks at our food blog

Chicken Satay Sticks

Chicken Satay served with Onion and Mint Chutney sprinkled with some Coriander.