Fork at our food blog
Garlic Focaccia Bread with Cheese at our food blog

Garlic Focaccia Bread with Cheese

Focaccia Bread fluffy and soft overloaded with Cheese and Garlic and Parsley

Jalepeno Mac & Cheese Sticks at our food blog

Jalepeno Mac & Cheese Sticks

No doubt the ambiance was lovely, the staff was friendly and the food was amazing.

Homestyle Grilled Chicken at our food blog

Homestyle Grilled Chicken

Chicken Breast cooked in Red Wine served with Buttered Broccoli, Sauted Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes.

Butter Pav Bhaji at our food blog

Butter Pav Bhaji

Buttery Pav, Buttery Bhaji served with Onion and Coriander.

Parmesan French Fries at our food blog

Parmesan French Fries

Hot Crispy Fries, Shredded Parmesan Cheese, Cheesy Sauce & Tandoori Mayo as dips.

Chicken Tikka Pizza at our food blog

Chicken Tikka Pizza

Chicken Tikka cooked in Tandoor topped with Coriander, Green Chilli, Sliced Onion & Cheese.

Masala Samosa at our food blog

Regular Masala Samosa

The best Samosa's in Mumbai. Crisp, Soft, Delicious an all in one combination. Every Samosa lover should atleast once try this.

Masala Toast Sandwhich at our food blog

Masala Toast Sandwhich

Crisp Bread, Buttery, Delicious Masala & Perfectly Toasted. A tiny stall in Bhayandar West right beside Mac Donalds.

Mini Pancakes - Oreo Obsession with Ice cream at our food blog

Oreo Obsession with Ice Cream

You can never get enough of these little pancakes. They just ooze chocolaty class in their dishes & satisfy your sweet cravings.

Choco Pyramid & Triple Chocolate Mousse at our food blog

Choco Pyramid/Triple Chocolate Mousse

We can never get enough of the Choco Pyramid. It just melts in your mouth and you're in a whole different world.

Chicken Monchow Soup at our food blog

Chicken Monchow Soup

Chicken Monchow Soup with Fried Noodles and Sauces. This was one of the best chicken Monchow Soup we've had.

Malasian Flat Noodles at our food blog

Malaysian Flat Noodles

These silky ribbons just tastes amazing. They were light on palate, light on stomach.

Kanda Bhajji at our food blog

Onion Pakode or Kanda Bhajji

Homemade Sabudana Khichdi at our food blog

Sabudana Khichdi

Roma Tomato And Camembert Brushchetta at our food blog

Roma Tomato & Camambert Bruschetta

The ingredients were authentic and lived up to our expectations. A simple yet authentic snack & definitely pleasing our taste buds.

Norwegian Hot Dog at our food blog

Norwegian Hot Dog

Prawns, Cheese, Mayonnaise all stuffed in the Hot Dog Bun served with some Fries. Simple & Simply Delicious!!

Chipotle Chicken Cheese Balls at our food blog

Chipotle Chicken Cheese Balls

Panko fried Chicken Cheese Balls mixed with Chipotle, Scallions, Black Pepper, Garlic stuffed with Cheddar & Mozzarella Cheese served with Chipotle Mayo Dip.

Chicken Tikka Crostini at our food blog

Chicken Tikka Crostini

Garlic Bread layered with Tandoori Mayo, topped with chopped Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Mayo, Cabbage & Onion in Vinegar & Mint Dip, Green Chilies & Fresh Coriander.

Kheema Pav at our food blog

Kheema Pav

Spicy Minced Lamb served topped with Coriander served with Buttered Pav, Delicious!!.

Mediterranean Chicken Platter at our food blog

Mediterranean Chicken Platter

Lemon-oregano marinated Chicken Breast Skewers with Hummus, Garlic Yogurt Dip, Greek Salad & choice of Pita Bread, couscous or French Fries.

Animal Fries at our food blog

Animal Style Fries

French Fries topped with Cheese, Caramelized Onion & Their own Secret Sauce.

Veg Burger Fries at our food blog

Veg Burger Fries

Fries topped with Deconstructed Veg Burger Patty, Onion, Tomato, Lettuce, Cheese Sauce.

Chipotle Cheese Panini at our food blog

Chipotle Cheese Panini

The Bread, the cheese, the sauce and the way it is baked is just too perfect for your taste buds.

Sulemani Pockets at our food blog

Sulemani Pockets

The Chicken Kebab was really crisp and yummmm, the pepper slaw was up to the mark and the pita that wrapped the kebab was just perfect

Cheesy Masala Pav at our food blog

Masala Pav Na Mile Dobara

Most surprising dish and trust me you wouldn't have had this type of Masala Pav earlier. Three layers of bread stuffed with Masala and showered with the Cheese sauce.

Pull Apart Bread at our food blog

Pull Apart Bread

Crispy Bread flavoured with fresh Basil, Parsely Garlic & overloaded with Cheese. The Bread was soft as well as crisp & the cheese and parsely gave it beautiful flavour.

Chicken Cheese Sizzler Momo at our food blog

Chicken Cheese Sizzler Momo

Half Steamed-Half Fried Chicken & Cheese Momo with some Shezwan Noodles, Manchurian Gravy.

Firangi Salad at our food blog

Firangi Salad

This place serves wonderful shawarmas & chicken salads. Loved the firangi salad where firangi stands for multiple sauces.

Animal Fries - Yanna Rascla at our food blog

Animal Fries-Yanna Rascla

Crispy Fries sprinked with some Gun Powder and Mayonnaise.

Chicken Tikka Pizza at our food blog

Spicy Chicken Tikka Pizza

Cheese, Onion, Capsicum along with some Chicken Tikka on the top.

Craft Beers - Skywalker at our food blog

Craft Beers-Skywalker

Crisp & Smooth on the palate with a slight fruitiness brought out by top fermentation. Light body with medium Carbonation.

Chicken Satay Sticks at our food blog

Chicken Satay Sticks

Chicken Satay served with Onion and Mint Chutney sprinkled with some Coriander.

House Fries at our food blog

House Fries

Homemade Fries served with Five Different Dips. The dips were amazing though.

Homemade Masala Maggi at our food blog

Masala Maggi

Murg Tandoori Ka Khazana - Kalimiri at our food blog

Murg Tandoori Ka Khazana (Kalimiri)

Tandoori Chicken Lollipop with Spices, Salad and Mint Chutney.

Chilli Cheese Chicken Momos (Steamed) & Cheese Peri Peri Momos (Fried) at our food blog

Chilli Cheese Chicken/Cheese Peri Peri Momos

The best kind of Momos we feel they serve, simply delicious.

Home-Style French Fries - Sea Salt Dusted at our food blog

Homestyle French Fries-Sea Salt Dusted

Crispy, delicious fries dusted with some Sea Salt.

Four Cheese Pizza at our food blog

Four Cheese Pizza

Four different kinds of Cheese, Soft as well as Crisp and perfectly baked crust.

Pizza Pockets at our food blog

Pizza Pockets

Pizza in the shape of a pocket, served with Salsa & Cheese sauce.

Tandoori Paneer Pizza at our food blog

Tandoori Paneer Pizza

Spices Paneer, Onion, Green Capsicum, Red Paprika & Tomato in Tandoori Sauce in a Cheese Stuffed Crust.

Black Chocolate Monster at our food blog

Black Chocolate Monster

The Black chocolate monster is a delightfully yummy ice cream to try on, super yummm & well super fancy too.

China Heaven at our food blog at our food blog


These are some Potatoes and Veggies tossed in Chinese Sauces which gives it an authentic Chinese taste.